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Holiday tales #3

Day 3 and the weather had turned warm. In fact, it was beautiful. The sky was blue and the sea inviting, but there was no walking in the surf instead we headed for St. Nons. The original chapel is nothing more than a pile of stones, but the Nuns who still live near the site have reconstructed the small church.

From St. Non’s we traveled to St Davids and had a look at the Bishop’s Palace


It’s a beautiful place but the next building, which is right beside it is imposing. St David’s cathedral…

The outside appears grey and somehow angry (at least it did to me). But the inside is opulent and beautiful. The ceilings are just wonderful.

From the age of churches we traveled back in time to prehistory. This is Careg Sampson


Of course this is the inside of the burial chamber. The outside would have been a large mound of earth with an entrance leading into this chamber. Mary, my guide, said that they dug down in order to place the stones under he large one, but the odd thing is that the massive rock is only balanced on 3 of those uprights. As for size, well you can stand up inside it…

From this burial chamber you can walk to Abercastle… And there was a surprise waiting in some recent history there.

Abercastle was the place that the first single-handed Atlantic Sailing took place by a guy called Alfred Johnson… I bet he had some tales to tell. And he managed in 1876. It took him two months… Can you imagine being at sea for two months in a small dory? Amazing…

The industrial revolution came knocking next as we went to Tregwynt Mill. A textile mill that is powered by a huge water wheel and still in use today. In fact, most of the designs can be seen on TV.


The designs are just beautiful!

Then the day was over. Another packed day but I loved every moment – thanks Archaeotours!

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