Masters tales

Holiday Tales #1

So over the last week I have been on holiday. I did a tour with Archaeotours and thoroughly enjoyed myself. But there was so much that I thought I’d tell you about it a bit at a time. So… Day 1

We started at St. Fagan’s which is the museum of Welsh life. Basically, building’s that are considered under threat are moved, to St Fagin’s a brick at a time. Here are a few highlights:

The shops

The Tap


Telios Church – the whole church is painted in brilliant colours as if had been before Henry VIII’s reformation.

Then, after St Fagan’s we went to Caerleon and viewed some Roman ruins…

The Bath’s (they project images of people swimming onto the sand that would have once been water).


The reconstruction of the barracks

And off course the Loos…

So – all in all – the first day was busy. I could tell you how many plot ideas I have but I won’t. I am going back to write more down now though. Loved the holiday and am hoping to go back to do another Archaeotours soon.

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