Masters tales

Rhondda Book Fair

The day had finally dawned and I got up to… rain…

‘Maybe it will be sunny in the Rhondda’, I thought.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. The weather threw down the water. It came down in sheets. A simple walk from the car to the hall left me damp, and worried for the books (they were in a wheeled suitcase) but once I was there I had a quick look and they were fine. The suitcase is waterproof!

Then the author I was next to moved to another table doubling my space! So I put a large display together.


We weren’t planning on having a big table but I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so we set up. My lovely assistant (Mum) was on hand to handle sales when I was absent, but most of the time we were both talking.

Considering the rain there was a remarkable amount of people visiting and we sold a surprising number of books. I even got told that the story for ‘The Gone’ was fantastic. To tell you the truth I enjoyed myself and will be booking others as soon as I can.

Now I’ve got to restock and get ready for the next – Carmarthen on the 1st of October.

Thank you Rhondda Book Fair – the day was great!

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