Today’s doodle and news

I spent most of today putting up an exhibition in Tregaron’s Memorial Hall. It is a group one so my three pieces are there with a table filled with books and cards. Only trouble is that for the first time I had to bail before all the art was up – my eyes are really bad today. And painful. This infection doesn’t seem to be going.

Still, tomorrow I’m looking after the exhibition so if you are around, pop in and have a look-see…

Memorial Hall, The Square, Tregaron SY25 6LL

The work will be there from the 19th to the 29th of August 2016 so if you are passing then nip in. Tomorrow (or the next day) I will post some images of what it looks like.

And yesterday’s doodle…

The prompt was ‘prosthetic eye’ so who else should I draw other than Mad Eyed Moody…

prosthetic eye2.

He is available on Zippi and Society 6.

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