A new design on the market

My daily doodles have been so much fun. Yesterdays prompt was ‘deep frozen’…

At first I thought ice, cold, snow, cubes… All the things you can think of when frozen comes to mind (and yes Disney did also pass though my head). then I started to think outside the box…

Deep frozen… that could mean time… That got me thinking about dinosaurs which led to Jurassic Park which let to a fly caught in amber.

If there is one insect I hate it is the wasp… They are nasty and give me the shivers. So I decided to freeze one in amber.

And that is what I drew.

Wasp Frozen

deep frozen2.

My wasp is available on Society 6 and Zippi. He looks great on a cushion, but I’m not sure I could ever sit on him…

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