Digital art has a steep learning curve

I started doing my own thing, silly little cartoon creatures. They are cute but not the sort of art I want to produce so I started to see the spitpaint on Facebook as a way to learn. I need to be able to produce art… Chiefly, for galleries.

I could tell you about the quality of my eyes and the migraines I get from staring at a piece of paper, but that’s just depressing. Just belive me when I say that I need to be able to work big without compromising my style. On a computer I can work big but not actually increasing the size of the drawing. That zoom button is my friend.

So the digital art is for the illustrations but also to produce art. Real art.

And there is no less skill in creating art on the screen as there is on paper. Except it is less messy. My style hasn’t changed. I still use the same colours and the same brushes, but now they are all digital.

So my first try at ‘real’ art was semi successful. I used a solid brush and didn’t blend. I suppose in the art work it would be like using markers or oil pastels that you didn’t blend but used in light layers.


I stuck to black and white and ‘Wrath’ turned out well… Although I would have liked to have blended.

Then I tried again. This time using the same technique but trying to get a softer touch…

nest building2.

Ouch… Is all I can say. The shading is out (in the digital world this is sometimes called values) and the overall effect is not good.

By now my confidence was gone. So today I decided to try using a brush. I have been using them on my covers but this time I looked up how to make the brush larger and smaller and how to pan the image… Basically I had a look at the manual.

Okay, you can stop laughing now…

I know I ought to hae done it before but I like to see if I can do it without. I couldn’t.

So having watched a tutorial or two and read a bit about how to use critter I got to the next painting… “Crone”.


I used a limited palette and layered the colours. Well, this gives you and idea how I work; the drawing 30 minutes in:


I’m no speed painter but given time and a good subject I think I can create the look I want. This one has made the portfolio. And I am having so much fun… I can’t wait for tomorrows prompt.

But the learning curve is huge! Massive! And I don’t think I have stopped yet. My sister has been doing digital art for the last 10 years and she says that she is still learning.

I suppose a part of me is worried that galleries won’t take them because of the ‘digital’ aspect but I will cross that bridge when it comes to it. Right now I am just happy playing.

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