Something new

So I went and did it. I shopped on ebay for a Wacom Intuos 3… Which, for those of you not in the know, is a digital tablet. I picked one up for a song…

I have been suffering from migraines – basically too much drawing. The irony is that I use such a large computer screen that I don’t have a problem with eye strain on the computer. Only doing the physical drawing.

I have wanted to give digital drawing a go. I mean my traditional stuff is so tight and precise, and I want to have a looser medium. Something that I can play with. So I though digital art.

I know that it isn’t normally used for looser mediums… but that is what I want it for. Predominantly to illustrate my kids books.

So the Wacom arrived and I started to have a go…

tunnels cover1.

It’s a cover for one of the kids books and I know I am silly to learn on something I want to use but if it works like I hope it will then I can use it. Otherwise there is always the traditional route. But so far I am really pleased… and it is so much fun!

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