Still working on the illustrations


Still working on the kids book… Now it is a VW camper.

I have wondered if my illustrations are too detailed. But they are how I draw – I just hope they go with the writing…


Sorry the photo is bad but we have storms here and it is effecting the light badly.

5 thoughts on “Still working on the illustrations

  1. Kate all your illustrations are fabulous. 🙂 I really love them.
    Please don’t mind my asking, do you draw with a photo or a model (as you had mentioned in an earlier post) at hand or are you guided by the artists in you?

    1. It can depend on the subject. Take my latest – a VW camper. That I used a lot of reference because I didn’t really know what one looked like. And although it would be great to always use a model, a lot of the time I use photographs as they are easy to get hold of.

  2. I like the detail in this. I have often asked myself the same question… recently I have been embracing my technical drawing side and very happy with the results. I let myself be and do what comes naturally, even if the process start to finish takes much longer. 🙂

    1. It just seems right for the book I am illustrating. There is another book waiting and I have a feeling that it will be a much looser style.

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