Masters tales


I read a lot.

Loads in fact and my book of choice is either a horror or a thriller. Hopefully both. At the moment I’m reading a huge amount of apocalyptic stories. I can’t get enough.

I now know all about bugging out, survival packs and guns, but in all these stories not one hero or heroine passes a store and takes advantage of the flour.

In the apocalypse no one bakes. No one makes bread or pies or cakes. Okay, I understand that survival is the most important thing, but there is a resource that is being completely ignored. Maybe it is because I bake but I find myself yelling at the words on the page. Why can no one who survives either zombies or disease cook?

I have a feeling that I may have to plug this gap. What would a baker do? Now there is a question that could lead to a book…

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