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I have a book almost finished. There are options I can take with it.

I can pop it into a competition, although the rules ask you to be unpublished and I am in that ‘grey area’ having been self-published, but there is a cost. And it will take a while to go through the process. This is also an international competition and I could be looking at a huge level of competition. So do I go for it?

I just don’t know…

Then there is the traditional route for publishing. I could submit it to a publisher and wait… Only the last wait was so long that I forgot the book was with them and I self-published it. Oops… they had it for over a year and a half before sending me an email of refusal. So the drawbacks are the time the whole process could take. And then the time to publication. We are talking Years before the book hits the shops. That’s an awful long time.

But it is an option.

Then there is the self-publishing route. This is quick. I have an editor so the manuscript is almost, if not completely, mistake free. But I have a low distribution. But I use Amazon to publicise me. Ugh…

The decision is so complicated.

I’m pulling my hair out.

2 thoughts on “Conundrum

  1. It’s a toughie, I have a similar dilemma and have had a thinkaround. Some other solutions: selling it out of the boot of a car; making it into an audio book and blaring it out a loudspeaker; put the first chapter in pamphlet form and slip a copy through doors/into pockets, then when people are hooked, they come to you looking for the rest of the story.
    Sorry if this unhelpful, it’s the best I’ve thought of so far. Best of luck whatever you decide 🙂

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