An Old Trick

I bought some runner bean seeds for this year. They popped their heads above the soil and there is a problem. They are too tall and sick looking. I’m fairly certain that it isn’t my planting but something wrong with the seeds. Three of them have no leaves. They have simply grown a stick. It isn’t right.

I guess that the batch of Scarlet Emperor wasn’t a good one.

So I turned to last years seeds. A local variety that produces a large amount of beans.

Why not use them first? I hear you ask. And the answer is that I would have but I like to have a fancier bean as well. The only problem is that we have run out of the deep tray I grow them in. So I dug out a small trick. Loo rolls.

Anyone interested in recycling it is a neat trick. You collect the cardboard roll from the toilet roll and then plant into it. Then when you put the runner beans out you don’t have to worry about damaging the roots.

I ought to use it more…



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