Masters tales

The last third of a novel

I don’t write long novels, at least not usually but the one that is on the computer at the moment is turning out to be longer than I anticipated. So the question I find myself asking is whether to cut it and write it in two parts.

Normally I write books between the 60k and 80k word level. But this one is well on the way to becoming 100k. Is that wise? I mean it is a disaster novel not an incredible crime thriller. So, do I continue or wait until it feels right to stop and then start the second in the series. It could quite easily become a trilogy.

The pros of splitting the novel:

  • I get to slow down and take my time. If I write a long book then I find that I pick up the pace. Almost as if I try to finish it faster than I ought to.
  • I get to explore all the characters. I ought to say that the novel is fixated on two characters. But soon I want to introduce a third and more…
  • It gets to break up the reading. There are more short novels out there than long.


And it is a big but.

If I split the book then the likelihood is that I will have to self-publish and not go down the traditional route.

I know that is a completely different argument but the problem is that I feel as if I ought to try the traditional route. But at the same time I love the freedom that I get from self-publishing…. I just don’t know…

I guess I’m going to have to continue writing and see if anything jumps out at me. I hope it does…

Oh… And a big problem with traditional publishing… I got a refusal letter the other day from a publisher who asked for my book over a year and a half ago! I forgot they had it!

Why can’t these decisions be easier?

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