Storm damage

I live in Wales and normally there is nothing drastic that happens here. Sure we have storms but they are not massive. Then 2015 started to end.

I should have known that there was something wrong when the weatherman started naming the storms. Naming them! But my family and I just laughed it off. We shouldn’t have. We are now into spring and looking at the damage… It’s bad. From the paddock it is worse.

You can see the temporary fixes that were done over the winter. And this isn’t all of it. We have two chicken houses that are flat. Fences down at the opposite side of the paddock and felting removed from most of the sheds.

So at the moment we are working hard to put in more fencing. But rather than try to fix the big one I have photographed we are putting another in and expanding the veg patch and the orchard.



That’s Mum and Dad looking at the new line to be. It’s a massive amount of work but I think it is going to be good once we have it done.

I’ll keep you updated.

So far there are about 5 posts in, but the problem is that today we have a high wind so we only got half a day’s work done before we had to take shelter. It is April right? So why the arctic winds?


2 thoughts on “Storm damage

  1. I was up on the shed roof at the end of December as the interior had begun to resemble a waterfall! Hopefully your new fence and expanded veg patch will be a great success… and next winter might be a little less windy.

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