Masters tales

Websites and cakes…

That was my choice today. To continue with the website or to bake a cake. I must admit the cake almost won. But then I looked in the cupboard and saw I had a mix for chocolate brownies. They won’t take five minutes to make so I had to choose the website.

Why the sudden change?

Well, yesterday I was in a free seminar for digital marketing. Marketing is something that I am terrible at so I always try to go to anything that will teach me how to do it. I must admit in my dreams I employ someone to take over the job but that is a ways off. So I trundled off to Aberystwyth to learn.

The company putting together the talk is called InSynch and if you are local it is worth having a look. They run free taster courses and they are really good. I had no idea what SEO was. I now have a tiny grasp, but it is enough for now.

So after the seminar last night I got in and powered up the laptop. Now, there is some stuff I can’t do on the small laptop because its processor isn’t great, but I was able to  get started and begin the layout. This morning, when I lugged myself out of bed, I just had to put together the content and then links… There are so many links!

But I’ve done it!


Please go and have a look. And let me know if there are any problems! The site ought to be any device friendly. I’m off to go sleep now…

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