New Friends

On Saturday just gone I was looking after the Exhibition at Aberglasney Gardens… Not alone though. There was another artist roped into being there, Jess Owen. Now she is a new artist into the group so I wasn’t sure what she was like. We had said hello but that was about it.

Anyhow, we got talking and she is the nicest person ever!

So I thought I’d show you her art… So, who is Jess?


Well, there she is with her lamb (one of over a hundred) and one of her paintings… She names each piece after her colourful lambs. And, yes, she paints her lambs all different patterns and colours (the paint used is made for marking sheep so they are in no danger).


Acrylic on Canvas
70 x 100cm 4cm depth

You can find her on Facebook and Artfinder.

So spread the love!

Jess is self-taught and this is what she says about her art:

I create art because I love it, I love paint and what it can do, how colours interact with each other and it’s unpredictability.  I don’t over-conceptualise as a lot of art and artists sometimes do.  I just love what I do.  I don’t care for rules or conformity, I just hope that my love of colour, shapes and paint will shine through my paintings.

Freedom is rare and incredibly valuable.

Her style is everything I am not, but I love her paintings. Go take a look. ‘Siocled’ is a favourite of mine and currently up in Aberglasney Gardens…

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