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Imago Mundi

I have been asked to take part in the Welsh Collection… Okay, maybe I sent an enquiring email and then another and practically bugged the organiser to let me in. But the result is that I’m in!

Basically it is a collection of tiny canvases depicting Welsh culture as seen through the eyes of artists. There are over 150 artists taking part and it’s excellent to be included. Have a look to see the Imago Mundi website to see the sort of stuff they are doing.

So today the tiny canvas arrived… It is only 15×10 cm and at the moment very blank…


And a canvas… I don’t do a lot on canvases. I’m more of a pencil artist. So what do I do?

I could get the paints out… Or I could draw. The rules are that I can attach anything I want to the canvas, so… I was wondering about attaching some bristol board to it.

It’s a thought.

I dunno. I think I’ll just stare at the blank canvas for a while and look for inspiration. 🙂

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