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A Gift

It’s not usual to get given anything for free… Not in modern times, anyway, but yesterday it happened.

My Mum smokes. I wish she didn’t but she does. I have managed to get her to buy her tobacco from a specialised store. She tried it and loved the flavour. Basically, is is tobacco without any additives. So every week we travel to Aberystwyth and Mum buys her allotted amount for the week.

This week though, behind the door was a box of, well, boxes. Cigar boxes to be exact.

“What are they?” I asked.

“Cigar boxes.”

“They are pretty,” I said, already thinking that they could be useful. “What are you going to do with them?”

There was a shrug. “Do you want one?”

Now, I’m a cheeky person so I reached for two…


They are wooden! And just brilliant.

“Do you want anything for them?” I asked.

“No, you’re a regular.”

I’m not… I don’t smoke. The only person who buys there is Mum and even then she only gets an ounce a week. Not one of the big spenders. Yet they gave me the boxes.

And they are in use…


No more plastic bags of pencils or watercolour… (And yes I do need more watercolour paints.) Instead, I have two wooden boxes that are going to last and will slip into my bag easily.

Sometimes I love people.

And the shop? Well, I am against smoking but here is the plug… They are the nicest people and have tobacco and those e-cig things, as well as cigars and other bits tobacconists sell.


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