Masters tales · The Gone

A Customer Review!

I’m bad at marketing… In fact, I’m probably the worst. I log onto author central at Amazon maybe a few times a year.

I know… It’s terrible. I ought to be pushing my books and writing more about them. Posting them on my blog and tweeting them. Only when other writers do it I find it annoying. I suppose I ought to find a balance between loads and nothing, but it is always on a back burner. There is always something else I want to do. Something more important.

And that is bad.

So today I logged onto authors central and there was a little blip in the otherwise downward slide of one of my books. ‘The Gone’ had jumped a couple of rankings! It was up so I checked the reviews and I have one! My first on the book, and guess what… It’s 5 stars!

customer reviewSo if you fancy a good read please have a look. And remember that it is free on Kindle Unlimited.

I can’t believe I have a review! Thank you so much Kindle Customer!

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