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Research or not to research

Normally I research as I write. When a tricky subject comes up I hit the books and Google and find out what I can. Except that this slows up my writing.

A lot.

So this time I have started an experiment. I took two weeks out before I began the book, and I researched the hell out of it. I have plans of yachts and maps… I have house plans and I have visited places that I’m going to write about (the Welsh bit not the Caribbean, unfortunately) and I made a file. Then I started writing.

And I made a pact:

No more research

I don’t care what tangent my writing takes I am not to work it out. If I hit something that I don’t know then I highlight it so I can go back, but I don’t research.

What has this meant?

Well, I’m just over 20k words in and writing about 1000 words a day or more. That is faster than I normally write. So it does appear to be working. My editor looked at the first 10k words and said it was good. She even went as far as to say it was the best I’d written.

I’m not sure about that but I think it is okay. I’m enjoying writing it and I’m going to continue writing without any more researching.

The experiment continues…

3 thoughts on “Research or not to research

  1. I’ve also read that some writers will use research (I’m still researching) as just another form of procrastination. Fear of the paper kind of thing. Just sharing my 2 pennies.

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