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Unconscious characters and Vegetable Patches

Today my male character (I haven’t decided whether he is a protagonist or an antagonist) slipped into unconsciousness. I ought to mention that he has been stabbed in the stomach and left floating in the sea for about five hours before being picked up by the heroine. So, whilst getting himself a drink of water, he hit the deck. Probably cracked a tooth as well.

What did I do?

Well, I stared at my screen… This wasn’t in the plan. I checked my brain storm and at no point did it say that the character, Clay, was going to take a nose dive in the kitchen (or galley as he is in a yacht). I had no idea where to go…

So I stepped away.

And checked what was happening with the weather. It was sunny. I must have stood there a while, in shock, and then I grabbed my coat, slid into my wellies and I was gone.

We have a massive market garden and this year everything is behind. It looks like this:


That is just the end bed – there are three more like it. This bed is made up of the runner bean bed (where I’m standing as I took the photo), another bed that contains a massive stone (you can see the top there), and two raised beds. They should all be clear and filled with manure… they aren’t. So instead, today I removed the bean poles and started to prepare the ground for digging.

I didn’t dig though – I had a character unconscious. I rushed back and managed to type out how Clay had come around and even find him some strong painkillers. And I gave my heroine a panic attack.

All in a good days work.

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