Imogen came calling

Yep, we have been slammed by the latest storm – Imogen. This year the powers that be have decided to name all the storms… I don’t know whether that makes them worse but we are definitely being put through our paces. Imogen is the ninth storm and she has thrown high winds and rain at us. In fact, we have just had hail so large and loud that there was no way we could hear anything. Basically we just sat around and looked at each other for half and hour.

For me it has meant sleepless nights (my bedroom is set into the roof space) and windy days, but more importantly, no gardening.

By this time I ought to have got the first seeds in, it is warm enough, but the wind is so strong that it is difficult to work on the smallholding. Last night the pig house (a wooden one for three pigs) flipped upside down and is currently located half way up a tree.

So in my down time between writing and art I have taken to baking. It helps me as well, I am allergic to nuts and palm oil so there are a huge number of foodstuffs I can’t eat. Basically, anything processed.

I wondered about sharing a few recipes… I mean I know this is a writing blog but I use the baking and making to cut up my days and it gives me good stuff to eat. A plus on both sides.

I have made a decision. I am going to share a few recipes… Especially the food that you get in the baking isle that you pay little for, but you ought to pay nothing for. I mean they are super easy.

My first is a simple one. In fact, it is made up from left over potato. This can be baked, mashed, or boiled. All you need to do is use the white, leave the skins, they can go into the recycling or compost heap.

Potato Cakes

Take about 0.5 lb or 8 oz of potato – mash it. potato cakes

Mix in 0.5 oz of butter that has been melted or softened. I suppose you could use margarine or another fat – I have to stick to butter to stay away from palm oil.

Mix in a quarter of a teaspoon of salt.

Add 2 oz of plain flour.

Knead it together to form a soft dough (there might be potato lumps in – don’t worry this is fine). Pop it in the fridge until cold (about half an hour).

Then roll it out to about 0.5 cm thick. You can then cut it into rounds, squares or triangles. It doesn’t matter.

Warm up a frying pan and add a splash of oil. Fry the cakes for about 2 minutes each side.

And voilà! Potato cakes. Eat them warm with eggs or bacon, or both!

I tend to make them in batches and then reheat them in the rayburn when I want an egg. Love them… So nice and made of very little. The amount above will make about 8-10 cakes.

Give it a go – you won’t be disappointed and it will use up any left over potato.

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