Masters tales

Creative brain storms

I wish at times that my ideas would come along one at a time… Nice and orderly. In a line so that as one project is finished another takes its place and I am always working, never staring at a blank page.

This doesn’t happen though. Instead I find myself either searching through notebooks or wincing as they hit me with an explosion-like cluster bomb. At the moment I am in the middle of a cluster bomb.

It’s painful.

And, oddly, not good for writing.

Instead of being able to focus on one thing I bounce from idea to idea…


It makes me feel a little sick and dizzy. If only I could get my brain to stop for a minute I might just get some writing done.

So annoying – although when I get an idea free time (usually as I finish a project) it will come in handy. Until then though all I want to do is work on my current book and not listen to characters I have never met before and stories I didn’t even know existed…

And yes, I know that I am complaining now, but later I will be glad for the ideas. Right now though I need to rant!

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