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Competitions vs publishing

There has to be a balance. I can’t always write small things for competitions but at the same time I can’t always be working on longer pieces. How many competitions should I do?

The problem is the feeling that I have missed an opportunity… It sits in my gut like a rock. I don’t like throwing possible chances away, and sometimes it feels like it. So this year I have got to find a balance. It’s harder than I thought…

So far this year I have submitted to 3 competitions of varying sizes but I haven’t worked on any longer pieces. My mum turned to me and asked me where my money comes from…

“The books,” I answered. It was an easy question.

“So why are you writing smaller pieces?”

The question is not unfounded. I love to write the short stories but the money comes from the novels. I have to find some sort of a balance.

But this year I really want to break into kids books. I made my little nephew a card for his birthday. I drew it myself and after I looked at the artwork and realised that it was an illustration. I can illustrate. The only thing holding me back is myself and my lack of confidence.

So the plan is to do a few competitions, finish at least one adult novel and two children’s novels… and to create one or more books for kids that need illustrations, be that picture books or chapter books.

I just hope I have enough time to get all that done and still keep up with the art work…

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