Deadlines and Christmas

I don’t mind deadlines and I love Christmas but this year is is being a little difficult. Normally I would be winding down the business and getting ready for Christmas but instead I am sitting at the computer and stressing.

Don’t get me wrong, all my commissions are done and apart from making a soft toy elephant I am good. But there is one thing that I was hoping to get done but it is looking more and more remote and I hate that.

There is an art competition that I would like to do but I have been waiting for a delivery of canvases… They haven’t arrived. I am assuming that they have been caught up in the Christmas post. So instead if I want to put in a painting I have 48 hours to do it and it can’t be the one I have planned.

So do I?

Or should I just shrug and decide not to…

That seems an awful lot like giving up. I hate to give up. So tomorrow I will be getting out my paints and having a go. I am only going to submit if it is excellent though.

I am going to grump about the Christmas post… And the short deadline for the competition…

I will try… I just wish I had the right canvases…

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