Masters tales

The workshop is fixed…

Well, almost. The carpet is down (in the end the old one had to be lifted) and the place is feeling less like a cold box. Except there is no work being done… At least no writing.

Instead, I am drawing pet portraits and trying to get Christmas presents sorted. This year, as with most years, the main gifts are made. And I am enjoying creating them.


I miss writing. I want to be writing. Only after a day on the sewing machine and embroidering I find that my eyes are too tired and there is a headache that has started to build behind my eyes.

So I will crack on with the presents and once they are finished I’ll hit the computer again. In the mean time I have got to create a tiny scarf for a doll… And a set of pyjamas, a coat, a dress, pair of shoes and socks… Maybe a tiny teddy bear for the doll.

I don’t make this any easier…

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