Just a reminder…

I am terrible at marketing. In fact, I’m worse than terrible – I forget. I write a book and then I go on to the next project…

But I really ought to give a shout out to the books already out there. So this is for ‘The Gone’… You can get this title for kindle or order the paperback… And don’t forget if you are part of Kindle Unlimited it is FREE  to read!

the gone book cover

Bitsy walks off a plane to find that Heathrow airport is nearly abandoned. She and two men manage to run, but as they do they find themselves in an apocalyptic Britain where humans have become an endangered species and the world is ruled by The Gone. Can they get to the WHO before it is too late? The Gone is a gritty apocalyptic horror that began as a serialised blog at It slowly evolved into the novel with the help of readers, giving rise to a very different Britain that is a challenge to survive in.

UK link

US link

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