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Internal rambling…

When I started the new book I knew that there were going to be limited characters but as it progressed I found that my characters dwindled to only one…

In truth I only started out with two, but pretty soon I was down to my heroine. Except that the scene I anticipated getting over and done with in a thousand words took ten thousand. Why?

I re-read it. My editor read it.

“It’s the internal dialogue,” she says.


“When she is musing about things…”

So I read it again. The book is written in the first person and not only are you seeing the world through her eyes, but you are hearing her thoughts. And, wow, her mind rambles. She goes from the present to the past at the drop of a hat, showing not only the plot but how she has worked out her reasons for being there. The character has a huge internal dialogue, and as I have read it I have found that I’m pleased she has. I’m sure that there will be another character in the book at some point, but I’m happy exploring this one.

Mel, the survivor, the ditsy one, and the strong… Now she is someone I’d love to meet in real life.

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