Masters tales

Another Zombie Day…

Should have known when I got out of bed with a…


I shuffle to the bathroom with my arms hanging slack at my sides.

“Did you sleep well?” Mum calls joyfully.

“Ugh…. Um…”

“That’s good.” Nothing phases mum.

I look in the mirror and a face that is too pale stares back. Reaching one weak arm up I look at my gums. Pale. Under my eyelid… Paler.

Damn, I think, but I just don’t have the energy to voice it.

Today is a Zombie day…

Basically, my iron level has slumped. It happens. The doctors are uncertain why but my count can drop to 6. A healthy woman my age ought to be 15. I’d estimate that I’m about an 11 today.


So I do my best. I wear pink to make me look colourful and reach for an extra thick jumper. If you are short on iron you get cold. I mean a cold that makes you ache.

Then I plan my day to be filled with protein, Vitamin C and iron. And sugar… The sugar will keep me going until the iron jumps into the normal range.

But still, so far, it has been a struggle. But I have found that it is frowned upon to lie-down in the supermarket and fall asleep. Something I could do at any time.

The irony though is that I have insomnia when I’m anemic, although this only happens once the moon is up. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good, normal day, but it usually takes me a week to get over an iron slump.

And yes I do have pills, but I’ve run out. The next batch will be ready at the chemist tomorrow. Until then if you see someone walking down the street with feet shuffling and arms slack at their sides, who is blinking in the light but giving no reaction, be nice. They are having a zombie day…


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