Masters tales

I’m Ready…

That’s it then. Completed all the prints, all the originals, everything I can think of. The exhibitions are ready to go; one to Manchester and one to Tregaron.

It’s an odd feeling.

I think I’ve been getting ready for both of these over the last three months. I have written books for longer, yet somehow the simple fact that I have packaged everything up, put it in boxes and got it ready to transport has left a hole, and not only on my walls. It is like I have held my breath, waiting for something to happen.

Not until I get to Manchester and stand behind that table, selling for three days, will I know whether it has been a success. Until then my dreams are boxed and packed.

So what now? I don’t leave until Thursday… The odd thing is that I was worried that I wouldn’t have time to finish, but I have, and before the deadline.

I guess I need to get on with the next project… Both with the art or the writing? Actually, it will have to be with the writing. The amount of boxes I have in the workshop means that moving around is a little tricky so I guess that the art will have to wait.

Instead the next book is going to get an outing. It is in the planning stage, and no it isn’t ‘The Gone 2’. That book is fine but some characters have been bugging me; an absent minded professor, a pregnant sailor and a world of ocean… It will be a quick one and the second Gone will come out on time. But these characters are yelling.

It’s a tricky one though. I think there are only two or three people in it. Still, I’ll see how it pans out. The title? Nomura…

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