Good news!

I mean – massively good news. I know that if you have been with me from the start [of this blog] you will all know that I have an eye issue. Basically, I’m so short sighted that my right eye has a squint, and a blow to my head could result in a detached retina or worse.

Well, ten years ago I was told that my eye would last five years… Max.

Of course I still have two eyes and both are working fairly well. So I laugh in the predictions of the medical establishment. But today I went with a heavy heart to see the optician.

I sat in the chair and waited for the lady doctor to tell me that I ought to get a new pair of glasses. Each of which cost about £350 due to the complex nature of my prescription. And that’s with two nhs vouchers. Except that today was different.

They threw everything at me. I have had my head in a bucket checking my field of vision (it looks and feels like a bucket but I’m sure it isn’t), I have been photographed and had puffs of air blasted at me. I have had lights shone in my eyes and then a stronger light. Everything they can check has been checked.

And then I got to look at the chart. My right eye went first (it is far worse than my left), and then the left. Are the circles on the red clearer than the the green? Can you see the bottom letter? I did everything and then turned to the doctor to find out what was going to happen.

I expected to be told I was a step closer to the partially sighted line…

But she smiled… Up to this point there had been no reaction from her, but then she smiled.

Your prescription has stabilised.


You eyes are fine and the same.


You don’t need to change your glasses…

I restrained myself from jumping up and down and hugging her. Instead I gave a restrained thank you and got up to leave. I have never been able to not have to change my glasses after a year of wearing them. That is 30 years of getting a new pair every year. That’s almost £10,000 in specs. I’m on first name terms with everyone at the opticians. I just shrugged and say, no change. And I walk out.

They looked shocked. I was shocked.

So for the first time as long as I can remember I am not worried about my eyes getting worse. I’m okay.

I do have to put in place some different strategies. I have to wear my sunglasses more (they are prescription) so that I don’t damage my eyes with the sun, and I have to watch for flashing lights. But that is it.

So today is a very good day.

8 thoughts on “Good news!

  1. I cannot imagine the relief you must feel – wine o’clock should be early in your house tonight! Plus you deserve an extra glass because that puff-of-air-in-the-eye thing is ghastly.

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