How to improvise…

So I decided to do some lino prints… Creating the blocks was easy. I had the kit and I simply carved the image I wanted.

Then came the logistics. First I needed a press – I don’t have one, and secondly I needed somewhere to dry them. I don’t have enough open space to lay them flat.

So, I sat and put my thinking hat on.

The press was easy. I have an old t-shirt press that could double as a printing press.


But the drying… I was stumped.

I wandered into the house and saw clothes pegs… A hunt through a drawer turned up rope and another hunt in another drawer gave me hooks.


hooks + string + pegs = drying line!

And it worked!


Happiness is Kate shaped!

2 thoughts on “How to improvise…

  1. You are smart, Kate. 🙂 So after the soft toys, t-shirts, drawing and writing this is the newest thing that’ll keep you busy and keep you away from blogging. 😦

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