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Missing The Gone…

No, really, I’m missing writing a serialised novel, but at the same time I’m reveling in the freedom of being able to write what I want, when I want. Still I miss the set pattern. It almost feels as if a part of my routine is missing.

So, what do I do? Do I write another serialised novel?

No, I decided against it. The problem I have is that it was so restrictive. I mean I couldn’t edit and by the time I was finished I realised that there were holes all the way through. It didn’t notice when you were reading a bit at a time, but if you sit down with the book and a cup of tea, you will soon find problems.

Of course they have been ironed out now that I have edited it into a novel, but it took a lot of work, more than writing and editing as you go. So starting another serialised novel isn’t something I want to do straight away. There is also the time aspect. It took a lot of time… Especially as I like to have three projects on the go and a couple of editing ones. That wasn’t possible when I had to stick to a regime.

In fact, you will have noticed that sometimes the posts were really far apart and sometimes every day. This is just because of the time I had.

But still I feel that I need something to replace it…

Perhaps I ought to just ignore it and get on with the next project… At the moment I have illustrations backing up and a project waiting to be written. Not to mention the second book of The Gone.

So, I’m going to stop griping and just get to it…

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