Too late…

Too late… How will Bitsy get to Max? #thegone #amwriting

The Gone

The first thing I notice as we near where Max fell behind are voices. I recognise them.

“I need to stay,” Max says.

I stand a street away, the gone in my hand forgotten, Conor next to me as we listen.

“I have to go back,” Colin says.

“Come with us,” Aaron says.

“Bitsy,” Max sighs my name.

“They might let her go if you come with us,” Aaron says, but I can hear the lie in his voice. I just hope Max can.

“Really?” he says and I can tell that he is still under the effects of the drugs. I start forward and Conor holds me back.

“Don’t leave me,” he whispers.

“Never,” I say.

“Come with us and they will be left,” Aaron says.

I wonder if he was on the other side all this time. I suppose we ought to have been suspicious, finding a pilot…

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