To turn or not to turn…

To turn or not to turn… Are they really safe? The next part of The Gone. #thegone #amwriting

The Gone

The scientists all huddle at the other end of the room while Max and I finish our food. My stomach gurgles in happiness and I can’t help but grin. I just hope that Conor and the others are being fed. Finished, I wash my hands. Max turns me and places a thumb at the corner of my mouth.

“Missed a bit,” he rumbles licking the red sauce off his thumb. I feel my knees go weak. He lowers his head and licks the corner gently. Then he places a kiss on my lips. For a moment there is no gone, no scientists, there is just Max and the sensation of his kiss.

Behind us there is a cough. Max groans and pulls away.

“What about the people you came with?” Jonas asks.

I share a look with Max. Do we trust them?

“They are human,” he says.

I guess we…

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