Masters tales

And relax…

The cold and nastiness that I’ve been getting over left me with a strained neck. Of all the things. I think it was all the coughing. It’s really annoying, by the end of the day I can barely move. So today I was in the hairdresser and I could feel it locking up. By the end I felt as if there was a splint on my neck. Really bad.

So on the spur of the moment I decided to get a massage. I haven’t, ever. So I’m shown into a room and there are candles lit and music and I’m thinking that this might not be my thing. But by now the pain is just nasty. So I try to shrug (I can’t) and I lie down.

Wow. Swedish massage hurts, but it has done the trick… I can move!

So why mention it? Because it was an experience I’d never had before. And it has gone into the journal; the smell, the sounds, the feeling… It has all been written down. And in the future my characters could very well have one. All I have to do is look up Swedish massage and there is the experience…

I use my journal all the time. It allows my characters to seem more real. Am I odd for having one? I don’t know. I would suggest though, that if you haven’t tried massage then you ought. I feel ready for anything.

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