This week several snails came gliding through the letterbox.

I sent a snail… Bob – at the bottom of the post. 😉 #amwriting #snails #art

Creative Shell

GLIDE – to movesmoothlyandcontinuouslyalong, as if withouteffort or resistance. 

Although these snails came gliding through my letterbox, I am by no means implying that they came as easy as the word glide suggests.

The journey of each snail is one of significance.  I am not sure this completely makes sense but hopefully the snails will help explain –  They are effortlessly easy on the eye but they each have a story to tell.

Thank you from the bottom of my shell for sending a snail in the mail. – I hope that each snail continues to act as a puzzle piece and can spread sillyness, thoughtfullness and a way to help us glide!

Here they are!…..

This chap came from Berlin via Devon and is by the super talented illustrator Jayde Perkin. Eine Schnecke looks like he has a lot of character, just like the people that…

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