Dyslexic tales

Fighting an endless war…

That’s what it feels like today. My dyslexia is hanging around my neck like a massive stone and I feel weighed down by it. Everything is a struggle. My typing is slow and half the words are backwards or wrong.


I don’t know. Sometimes the endless fighting gets on top of me. But it doesn’t last long. Hopefully in an hour or so I’ll be back to normal and tapping away at a normal speed.

The odd thing is that I know it is my own mental attitude, and I know why. Everything is taking too long. Or at least I feel it is. The novel is growing, but slowly, and the picture book is getting there but even waiting for paint to dry is a chore.

So how do I fix it?

I don’t. Instead I carry on. I keep writing and drawing, because in the end I will get there. I just wish I could hit fast forward…

2 thoughts on “Fighting an endless war…

  1. Hi Kate,

    Just passing and stopped by to encourage you to keep going. It is a slog at times, I know. Dyslexia can make the words come out all wrong but it is the dyslexia that gives you your edge, the vision and the creativity. All the best.

    1. Thank you. You have brought a smile and an urge to push the glass ceiling out of the way. No, actually to smash it. If you hear breaking glass don’t be surprised.

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