Easter and chocolate….

I was shopping today, it being Thursday, and I found myself reaching for the Easter Eggs. Now, I ought to mention my nut allergy, I have a tree nut problem that leaves me not being able to eat any nuts or palm oil.

I ought to also mention that when I say I go shopping, I mean that I go shopping for my Nan. I live with my parents and as I push around the small trolley for Nan, my Mum does our shopping. So on the list today was Easter eggs and then the names. Everyone’s name except mine. Why?

Well, I just can’t eat it. On the back of the pack it either says ‘may contain nuts’ or ‘palm oil’, so I am left without an egg.

Except as I shopped I didn’t feel sad. I enjoyed shopping for other people. I had fun with matching the person to the egg. It suddenly wasn’t about the amount of chocolate or how cheap it was. It was about what the person would want. Before now I have bought for value for money or getting the most for my pound. I didn’t today.

So I filled the basket with eggs for the family and took them to my Nan.

“Where’s yours?” she asked.

“My nut allergy…” and I explained the problem.

“What do you want then?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I said.


And then I realised I did want something. “Come to the dinner on Sunday,” I said.

She smiled and nodded.

But that is it. Oddly I don’t miss the chocolates. Although I will put another batch of hot cross buns in – they are my new weakness. 🙂

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