The next part of The Gone. Bitsy feels like she’s been poisoned, but does Max know what he is doing? #amwriting #thegone

The Gone

“This might hurt,” Max’s voice rumbles and I nod. I don’t trust my voice. “It’s because you have taken so much blood. When it bit you the poison worked its way into your system.”

I place my head against the cold tiles of the shower as I feel the slice of the blade. Immediately I feel as if something has been released. It’s almost a high and I feel my legs start to quiver. Max seems to understand because he pushes my body into the corner, using his closeness to keep my upright.

“It’s just got to drain.”

I don’t want to know what it looks like, but I can feel a sluggish liquid tracking down my arm.

“I’m turning on the shower.”

The next minute the water hits us. It is like a balm; the water is warm and I briefly wonder why they have power, but the simple…

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