The next part of The Gone. Bitsy has found Colin, but has she lost a part of her that made her human? #amwriting #thegone

The Gone

I finally make it to the alley and, as I turn into it, I see that Colin has slumped slightly to one side and his chin is resting on his chest. At least it is until he looks up. The creature in my arms seems to sense that it is in a dire situation as it goes from silence to mewling and panting little screams. I suppose that if the creature had sounded human I wouldn’t be able to do this, but a small voice in my head suggests that I would. That I would do it for Colin or Max. I ignore it. There are too many issues there and I need to get Colin on his feet so we can find Max.

Colin’s eyes have gone pure black and he is trying to move.

“Stay there, I’ll bring it over.”

He blinks at me, but it is as…

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