The next part of The Gone. Bitsy finds herself alone… Can she find Max and Colin?

The Gone

It’s odd that they have left me and I can’t help but feel a pang of worry. I’ve got used to them and as far as I know they are the only two of my kind in the world. Wending my way through the streets I keep Max’s unique smell with me. He has this scent that reminds me of musk and maleness but at the same time I get something a bit like sandalwood. I can’t help smiling. I sound like one of those wine tasters, he has a wonderful bouquet.

Except that now I can smell something else. It is a sour cloying smell that worries me. Stopping, I scent the air as if I were a dog. The animalistic feeling worries me, but as I close my eyes I try to filter through the different smells. The sour smell is linked with…

My eyes snap open and…

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