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Where has all the art gone?

So, The Gone, is coming along nicely (hopefully there will be a few more posts this weekend) but my artwork has stopped.


I’m  not certain. I’m writing as much as I can, but even when I do it only takes about four hours a day. After that the dyslexia kicks in a little and the words start to swim. But instead of working on the art I am stopping.

Okay, so, I’m a little tired but the art is something I have always done for relaxation. In theory I ought to stop writing and reach for a pencil, pen or paint-brush. In reality I do something else… I tidy, I cook, I walk the dog… I do everything but the art.


Am I tired? It is a distinct possibility that my eyes are just too tired. But there is the other thought. The one that runs through my head despite the fact that I ought to squash it.

I don’t think I can illustrate a kids book adequately. I’ve even had a conversation with an editor and said that I’m not sure my art suits. What complete and utter b*****s. I am just scared.

So tomorrow I will start the picture book that I want to publish.

I will sit down and write the chapter of The Gone I want to do and then I will draw an illustration. And I won’t pick holes in it. Instead I will tell a story with my art, because I think I can…

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