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Bad news…

Basically my funding application has been refused for my PhD. Which means that even if I am given a place I can’t go, unless there is a sudden influx of money or some other funding comes available.

Oh! Look! A flying pig and it’s wearing a purple cardigan with pink spots…

Okay – I’m being sarcastic – which, according to my brother, is the lowest form of wit. So I apologize. Still, it was a long shot for the funding.

So… What now?

Well, I had been using the possibility of doing  PhD as a buffer. ‘If the writing didn’t work then there was always the university.’ Except that is no longer the case so I have got to make the writing work.

I really ought to just write. If I don’t write then I find myself worried and depressed. Some people go to yoga, I write. So maybe I ought to not think so hard and just… well… write.

6 thoughts on “Bad news…

  1. Lack of money is why I can’t even do a diploma, let alone the masters I actually want. I would be careful of putting all your eggs in one basket with writing though. It’s a tough industry for the indies.

    1. I know the writing world is a tough one, but I’ve given myself some time to see if i can crack it… Hopefully… Everything is crossed. 🙂

      1. LOL I will be taking the same attitude when I finally finish a book. Still, I don’t plan to quit my day job. When I get one, that is.

  2. I think you are an excellent writer and a fantastic artist. You may not live a wealthy life but you seem to have more than enough talent to at least love what you do for a living and put food on the table. Here’s sending you a big dose of good luck and persistence!

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