Blood and Oranges…

Although I haven’t bought any oranges today… But the title looks and sounds good. Might even be a short story there.

Today was/is Thursday… I am not keen on Thursdays. On these days I have to shop for my Nan, but this time there was some added stress. You may remember that last year I was affected by ZOMBIE DAYS… basically I was:

And the doctors found that I was anemic. So today, after 6 months of iron tablets and 2 months off I have been told that my levels are holding!

Yay! But I had to go shopping for my Nan before this news. All I managed to do was make myself worried and tense. By the time I walked into the doctors my smile had become a grimace. Luckily my doctor knows me well and he was able to put me at ease.

So as of today I am officially well; a normal, if over-weight, adult. I am so happy!

The only thing that has made me a little down is that I haven’t got around to writing. I’m just too tired now. It’s as if I have been living in a stress bubble and it has been burst. I feel happy but a little numb.

Still, tomorrow is another day.

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