Masters tales

New Beginnings…

I have started a novel… My first novel. And it is really scary, but at the same time exciting. My characters are talking and I’m listening.

So what’s it about? Well, here is a super short synopsis.

The story is told over one day. The secrecy and lies overlay a broken home, and ask of the mother, MARY, what lengths she would go to in order to protect her child. She finds that her son is as abused as she, and although eighteen he has faced the darkness and pain alone. From that moment MARY’S one thought is to protect BEN at all costs, and the cost is great. But as she does the bond between mother and son tightens until they stand together against the father and his accomplices. They find that the lies and cover-ups go far further than either of them realise, making them see that the man they lived with was more complex and vicious. As they face the truth they have to find if they are strong enough to escape and survive.

In a couple of days I’m doing a blog hop about my main characters and I’m going to write one on Mary. She is complicated and starts as a passive character, where everything happens to her, but she is the hero…

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