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Bad Luck comes in 3s

Bad Luck 1 – 

I still have no idea what DNS is, just that when I finally got broadband back it wasn’t working…

Last Monday (20th October) we had a storm hit here. It was nasty with very high winds. I went to bed with broadband working and work up with no phone line or internet. Then the phone call (on my mobile) to BT and being told that I had to wait until Monday the 27th for an engineer. The result was no blogging or social media except a few hours caught at my sisters and the library.

So I’m finally back up and running and having a slight DNS problem, but I think I’ve got it sorted. I’m able to blog… which is a plus. The internet is a little slow but I’m told that it will speed up and become as fast as it was, which although not super-fast, was okay.

Bad Luck 2 – 

It started with a muffin and ham. There were no hard lumps or hidden sharp food, but seconds from biting down I felt something large and hard. One of my teeth had just lost its filling and a little more. A mad dash to the mirror revealed an infection and a hole so large you could see the root.

Oh no, I thought and went back to my food. First I did the – can I feel anything test. I took a large mouthful of hot tea and swished. Of course if it had hurt then I’m sure I would have spit out the tea and screamed, but luckily there was a sore feeling but no immediate screams.

The good news? Having seen the dentist I’m booked in to have it out after a course of antibiotics to kill the infection. There isn’t even enough left to root fill, so there is no other option than getting it taken out. So next week (Thursday) I go to have my first tooth removed…. Ah! But at least it will be over soon, and there should be little pain once I’m healed. Still not a great thing to happen.

Bad Luck 3… and the worst.

Pi… You know Pi –

Well, he was out hunting. He was chasing a rat across the road when a car came around the corner and hit him. The car was going very fast. So fast that Pi wouldn’t have felt a thing. He was hit and killed instantly.

We were sitting in the living room and heard the thump. We thought that the car parked in front of the house had been hit.

We were out there in minutes but he was already gone. I miss him something awful.

*     *     *     *     *

So, thats it, my bad luck. Now I know that it always comes in 3s, so I am done with bad luck. Finished! Now only good luck, because I’ve had enough of pain, stress and crying. From now on all bad luck is banned, at least until next year.

8 thoughts on “Bad Luck comes in 3s

  1. Kate I am so sorry about Pi. it is so painful to lose a beloved pet. i am very sad for you – tooth and internet can be overcome but a loving character full companion is a different matter. thinking of you, jeni

    Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 15:05:08 +0000 To:

    1. Thanks Jeni. I’m trying to remember him as the bundle of annoying and loveable orange fur he was. He always made me laugh. He was just so clumsy. 🙂

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