Masters tales

Agents and things that go bump in the night.

I know agents aren’t scary. I really do. But still they are the one thing I dread about writing. On one hand I want to get one, to be able to hand a book over and say find a publisher would be bliss, but I have also heard some horror stories about them changing your writing to make it more commercial.

Then there is the fight to find one. I am about to have my third book published on Halloween but I don’t have an agent. I had a short story published with the press I am with at the moment and they offered me a contract. I jumped at the chance. So I never followed up with the agents or the children’s story I have out there. It has sat for the last nine months, but as I am planning the next novel I am starting to think about the future.

When I started writing I thought I was a child’s writer. An easy assumption. I mean I have a reading age of fourteen and I struggle with reading the classics, so I thought that I would just write for children, maybe young adults. Except that if you read this blog you will notice that most of my writing is, well, for adults. I love horror and thriller. And that is where I’m published.

But in the beginning I did everything to help with writing for children. I wish I’d taken a step back and decided to learn it all, instead of specialising. But I didn’t. So I am now playing catch-up. Today I am off to study on an afternoon course looking at getting an agent for adult fiction. I know how to pitch to an agent will children’s literature in mind, but I don’t know about adult. Is it the same?

I have a feeling it is, but I need reassurance. So I am going to go to the class and have a laugh with other struggling writers. You never know, this afternoon may be the drive I need to finally get an agent. Something I probably need as my dyslexic/autistic brain has trouble with the incidentals like getting published. I forget to do things, like follow up and sending emails.

So wish me luck as I am walking away from being a sole children’s writer to becoming a writer of adult horror and thriller. And today is the day I acknowledge that although I write for children, I love to write for adults.

I’ll post a bit more of ‘The Gone’ later as well, just to show my horror side.

Now, if I can get over this agent fear I will be all set. Still it is scary… But it is something I can do and I will do.

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