Botanical illustration

Yesterday it rained so my thought of sitting outside in the sun was smashed, but when I arrived (late – what can I say, I’m a
botanical art002writer and getting up early isn’t usually an issue) I found that the class was looking at little things.

Botanical illustration is about the small over the large, and it was great to just sit and relax. Anyway I had a go and Claire Ward, who was taking the class, was a great teacher. I’m not sure I was delicate enough forbotanical art003 her but I really enjoyed myself.

I learnt some new skills and I can now create watercolour glazes. Which gives everything you do a a lumineseness. It was so good to learn a new skill and to see where I can use it. I will probably do some botanical art because I love it. I’m not calling it illustration through – I’m just not delicate enough.

BUT I can use it inside the new book. Honestly I’d held off on the interior illustrations because I wasn’t sure how to do them. Now I know how! I am going to create then as if they were botanical illustrations. But that is next week… For now I’m going to get back to the writing.

botanical art001

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