Doors and Darkness

Doors and darkness. Bitsy takes a step away from Max.

The Gone

She looks at me, shocked, as if I am doing something stupid. I probably am but it has got to be done. I don’t think she or Max have realised just how dangerous our position is. But I have to know what is happening and if the WHO is still there.

Dee points at an outside door. It looks more like a window but I can see a handle. “Are you sure?” she asks, some of her bluster gone.

“Yes.” I start toward it and then stop. “If I’m not back in a couple of hours lock yourselves away.”

“Why?” Max asks. I notice that he is now standing and trying to leave the table, but Dee has a hold on his arm.

“The glass,” I say.

“What about it?”

I sigh. “How many were in the car park? How many are hiding in houses? They are all going to…

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