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Dyspraxia, Writing and Drawing

I fell today – not a bad fall. But it hurt, and still does. The problem with dyspraxia is that you have no balance. You don’t put a foot wrong, it is just that you fall. Today it was a change in surface. I went from grass to walking on wood and bang… I’m on my knees. So one bruised hand later I am picking myself up, pleased that the raspberries I was picking are unhurt. The bushes survived as well. My shoulder is complaining mind, but that is okay. I’m happy that I bounced again.

The good news is that I am losing weight. So my ability to bounce has increased. Hopefully by the time I am down to where I want to be I will not only bounce but spring up from the ground without a scratch… Possibly?

Anyway I have been having an issue with work balance. You see a load of people wanted to see my drawings, but here is the kicker… In the exhibitions so far, what has been the best seller?

I thought it’d be cards – nope.

Prints? – not at all.

Originals? – Not even one.

So what?



Books – my best seller to date is books. In fact I am sold out of The Phantom Horse and have got to pop in another order.

I’m shocked but it has made me re-evaluate my day. I love to draw but I can’t spend six hours a day on it. Instead I have got to spend more time writing. That is where the money appears to lie. So I will keep up with the drawing but I am not an Artist and Writer…

Instead I’m a Writer and Artist. 

Still can’t believe that my books outsell the art. I think I’m in shock…

2 thoughts on “Dyspraxia, Writing and Drawing

    1. No – I’m fine… I bounce. 🙂 And thank you, although it is early days as to whether it is going to work long term. At the moment it is more of a business in development. 🙂

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